A Taste of Being Published

This summer and fall I was blessed to have had the opportunity to have my writing published for the first time. I was offered the chance to write just under 10,000 words for the second issue of Everything Medical Marijuana magazine.

emm-septoct-coverIn return for this I received a small payment and credit as a “Featured Writer” with a photo and a small bio.

It was a fantastic experience to see my name in print. One of the articles that was printed actually had my byline, the rest were sacrificed to avoid the appearance of “Maggie Magazine,” but all in all, I wrote eleven pieces and one recipe for the August issue. For the December issue, I only contributed one article and two recipes. That issue is, by all reports, currently being published.

I have been a bit frustrated at the limited publication of the magazine and their choice not to make any of the articles “sharable.”

Since I own the copywrites to my pieces, I have chosen to republish them here, on this site, for purposes of being easily shareable. It was always my intention to make my writing accessible to people who want to read it.

11261107_10205307392740115_1217345710239762767_oI appreciate greatly all of you who have participated in the distribution of the magazine when we were just beginning. I look forward to many more adventures with you all in the future!

I hope your lives are full of Love and Lighte!





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