Through my purple glasses - 1476261422299-003That one thing that in 46 years, I have never had. 

I have never found patience.

I am impulsive by nature and I enjoy it.
Other people, not so much. My now ex husband hated it about me. 
I have been told by many that I need to find it.
Where do I go to find patience?
I have gone into the woods.
I have traveled back and forth across the country. 
I have meditated deep into my soul. 
I found stillness. I found quiet. I found EnLIGHTEnment.

No Patience.Looking up at the trees that look like home to me

Some say I have found patients. I know I am a healer.
I seek to be a stronger healer. 

Patients have found me.

Still, no patience.

Especially not with patients. Definitely not with myself!

THAT is something I feel I need like to learn:
Patience with patients. Patience with myself.

But where, how, when, can I learn to have patience with finding patience to have patience with myself and my patients, NOW!?!?!?!

IMG_20131009_111127Grrrr…. patience.


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