Who am I May 2012

I am a 45 year old divorced grandma. I began writing while in college the FIRST time, at the age of 20. It was deemed a “hobby,” since I had children to support. I have recently rediscovered my “voice” while writing on Facebook. My Facebook friends (all 10,000+) are my daily inspiration!!!

A self-described biker, as well as a legal cannabis patient in my home state of Washington; I had been married 22 years, before leaving my husband 2 years ago.
In 2009 I found the strength to put my body through the hell that is opioid withdrawl. My physicians had been prescribing me pharmaceutical pain medications for over 7 years which eventually isolated me to my bed for 5 of those years. When I began learning about the medicinal properties of cannabis, I had been on 100 mcg of Fentanyl for over a year.

It took over six months to get over the withdrawls, about 6 weeks of that was acute withdrawl.  I am still working on rebuilding my health. The more I learn how to restore and maintain a healthy body through many methods, including the use of cannabis, the better I feel about life.  LIVE/LOVE/LIGHTE as my friend Keith would say.

I am presently on a mission to continue my research about cannabis while disseminating the information I discover  regarding that genus and it’s uses as Industrial Hemp, Medical Marijuana as well as a Holy Sacrament, to as many people as I can reach.

Music leads my soul… I gave birth to 3 children, all currently musicians in their twenties.
My oldest son, recently signed to Platinum Trini Entertainment, has named himself, Menace Demarco. I actively encourage anyone I know who is interested in his genre (hip-hop, cannabis concentric) to look him up on Facebook & ReverbNation.

My other two children are private people who I do my best to respect. I also have 3 grandchildren.
My grandson, who was born 10 days before I turned 40 who is my life’s inspiration! I also have twin grand daughters who I didn’t have the chance to meet until they were almost 2 years old.  

On April 1, 2011, my constant companion and part-time service animal, Athena Brooke was born to friends I was staying with. She has been a part of my life since that date and has been traveling the country with me since she was only 7 weeks old.
She looks like a black lab but is half chocolate lab and half blue pit bull.

I am a patriot. Having been a member of the Washington State Patriot Guard Riders as well as ABATE; I am currently embarrassed by the amount of ignorance that predominates our culture.

My goal is to spread the enLIGHTEnment of education to every person I can touch. I want to assist in rebuilding the COMMUNITY paradigm.

My dream is to build a self-sustainable, hemp-based renewable community (Hemp-based “permaculture”).

I would describe myself as a “gypsy hippie.” I enjoy traveling and would love to use a camping van to continue to visit my friends across the world. I love waking up to a different front yard every morning!!

I long to spread LOVE and LIGHTE to the world one person at a time with my own “Maggie Maggic.”
~Love and Lighte~
~Gma Maggic 420~

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